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A Full-Service Tax Firm in San Mateo, CA

Individuals and businesses of all sizes and all industries have tax responsibilities. The state and the federal government require you to pay the taxes accessed for you before the specified date. Failure to do so could result in various types of punishment. Comply with state and federal tax requirements with the assistance of Pollard Tax Company. Jason Pollard is a tax expert with over 14 years of experience in the tax industry. Helping people and businesses with tax return preparation and providing valuable advice for complicated tax situations is what he enjoys most about his work.

Jason Pollard, Owner of Tax Firm, San Mateo, CA

Advice and Guidance

Our experienced and knowledgeable team provides personal and corporate tax services for clients. If you have questions about your taxes, do not hesitate to ask them. A tax advisor will explain any unclear details so that you know your tax responsibilities. We want you to understand the process, such as why you may have to pay more money to the government rather than receive a return. 

Cost-Saving Accuracy

One inaccurate listing on your tax return could be costly, which is why we pay close attention to our work. Whether your taxes are simple or complex, we make sure all computations are correct before submitting them. In addition to accuracy, you save money on tax services with competitive prices from our firm. Contact us for a consultation.