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Tax Preparation

Professional Income Tax Preparation
in San Mateo, CA

Let Pollard Tax Company prepare your income taxes and deal with the IRS. Our tax advisor is an enrolled agent federally authorized to represent you when it comes to collections, audits, and appeals. We provide income tax preparation in San Mateo, CA, for many types of businesses and individuals. You will be comfortable throughout the process and have your important questions answered.

Personal Income Tax Preparation

Call us for assistance with our personal tax services, preparing your tax return, calculating your sole proprietorship taxes, or reporting your rental income. We help with Schedule K-1 documents for reporting partnership income, and we itemize the deductions if required. We specialize in Section 1031 exchanges that serve to defer taxes on capital gains.

We walk you through every step from beginning to end. You are invited to ask questions, and we will explain everything. Each tax document is reviewed, and we ensure each document is signed. All relevant documents need to be submitted for us to prepare your taxes properly. Please respond promptly to requests for documentation.

Couple Getting Income Tax Preparation, San Mateo, CA

Your tax advisor goes with you should you be audited by the IRS. That is part of our personalized service, and it's outlined in the paperwork we provide. We assist you in any area of need. Feel free to come to us anytime during the year. You'll get attentive service from an agent you can trust.

Corporate Income Tax Preparation

We are experienced in multiple industries and comfortable preparing returns for all types of businesses. Our experts understand how the tax laws impact your business and your income reporting functions. Each business is unique, and each business sector must comply with particular laws that govern that industry. Pollard Tax Company is built on many years of research into tax implications for business owners. We most often work with smaller corporations that have less than $50 million of taxable receipts.

Individual Tax Planning Services

Tax planning involves a range of services. We provide W-4 tax projections so you can get your withholding amounts adjusted. You want to know you've paid in enough by the end of each year. We also offer tax planning for end-of-the-year state taxes. Feel free to contact us for tax projections. We offer them to small companies and self-employed professionals.

Income Tax Services in San Mateo, CA, that Cover Your Needs

Pollard Tax Company is committed to helping clients stay on top of their taxes. When you hire our team, you work with seasoned tax consultants who prioritize your needs. Whether you are filing as an individual or for your business, we’ll help you prepare and file your return with the IRS. From document preparation to audit assistance, we are your ally in preparation and planning. 

We understand that filing can be a hectic and even stressful time for you, your family, and your business. Let us take the burden from you. Our income tax services in San Mateo, CA, cover both state and federal taxes. We will help you organize your documents as well as navigate your income and financial reports. Also, our team puts our extensive knowledge of the tax codes to work. Our services include identifying potential tax credits and deductions. When you file through us, you can have confidence knowing all paperwork is accurate and compliant with the law. 

Tax Preparation by a Proven Team

Money matters are serious. Choose a team that you can trust. The members of our firm have more than 10 years of experience in tax planning and bookkeeping. We stay up-to-date with changes in the tax law and the relevant codes. By adapting and responding to change, we empower our clients to remain informed, and ready, throughout the filing process. 

Let us help you get a handle on your financial situation. Our goal is to provide you with relevant services that save your time, energy, and peace of mind, so our tax preparation services are available year-round, and we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs. For your convenience, we also offer a free, 60-minute consultation.

Contact us to request a consultation for tax preparation services. We are based in San Mateo, CA, and serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.